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michael mitchell
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i'm a tall, geeky guy. i smoke, i drink, i read, i play video games, i watch a LOT of movies, i listen to all kinds of music, i have a lot of really close friends who i would die for, people think im gay because i love musicals and i do rocky horror, i am not, i have a wild side that people don't get to see that often, i'm laid back, i fall in love fast and hard, i've made a lot of mistakes in my life, i love tattoos and get them as often as possible, i'm a hopeless romantic, i'm a writer and one day i WILL be doing it for a living, i want to travel and see the world, i'm weird, i have a lot of sadness inside of me, i'm an empath, i don't let most people get too close for a lot of reasons.

deal with all of this or get the fuck out.

my BESTEST friend in the whole wide world is ashley skog! love her tons!

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